Sunday, 21 January 2018

Cloud & Data analyst Project development by pursuing students

The students will develop various cloud computation based projects like Secure Text Transfer through Diffie Hellman Key Exchange, Data Duplication Removal through File Checksum, University Campus Online Automation, Intelligent rule-based phishing websites, Customized AES using Chaff and Pad Technique and Diffie Hellman Key Exchange, etc.

Some more crucial database based projects are Detecting Data Leaks of E-Commerce sites via Sql Injection Prevention, Attendance System, Improved File Handling and Duplication Removal through MD5, Student Information Chatbot Project, Online Bookstore System, Secure File Storage through Hybrid Cryptography, Online Blood Bank System, Rural banking project, Local Train Ticketing System, Bus Pass System, Storage and Energy Efficient project, and E-Learning Platform, etc.

Data analyst

The Data analyst course is much useful for each IT students to make a strong pillar of IT career and after passing out from the college education, this technology helps forever in working with several types of databases for any kinds of projects.

Summer training in Noida for pursuing IT students

Instead of wasting time in summer vacation, the pursuing IT students will also be able to develop several projects throughout Tech Explica’s summer training in Noida program.

Summer training in Delhi NCR for University assignments

All the project assignments given by universities will be accomplished here with the readily available infrastructures and trainers or guides. Generally, the senior programmers play the role of trainer to provide a satisfactory project development experience.

Summer training for B.Tech or MCA students

In order to score a great mark in practical part and to start a very high level job career, the B.Tech/BE/BSC/BCA and MCA students will develop certain exciting projects to make their career and resume much stronger. Tech Explica is the right place for such project development purpose. Contact now to book your seat in Summertraining in Delhi NCR program.

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